welcome to cwc

CWC has been founded by a team of qualified and experienced professionals having their education in Immigration Law and Business Management.

The team members are licensed by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) to practice from Canada to represent clients. CWC is registered with and recognised by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India.

CWC Immigration Solutions offers a full range of Immigration Services globally. For the past 9 years, CWC services are provided to the clients with an integrated and personalized approach.

The company today is one of the largest re-settlement service providers in India and Canada. CWC has a proven track record of establishing Skilled professionals, international students, family re-unification, Businessman and investor communities in their countries of choice.

news & events
  • CWC recently launched EB 5 program for investors wanting to avail Green Card for the US. A very lucrative and faster approach to settle in the US.

  • Launching of another interesting opportunity to relocate to Australia and New Zealand,
    by making investment in business or buying existing business. One could choose to stay in the state of his / her own choice. To know more please contact : CWC office near to you.

  • Apart from these whole new avenues have been launched by CWC for skilled workers wanting to avail PR in CANADA and AUSTRALIA.

why choose us

CWC, today has a good number of satisfied clientele
and valuable associations with partner companies and organizations.

Continued trust by its partners & clients and strong domain knowledge gets CWC an edge over other service providers in the market. A very practical and personalised approach while assessing and retaining clients adds to the success rate with most of the applicants.